Table of Contents
  • Purpose of the Module
  • Installation
  • License Configuration
  • Prerequisites
  • Module Uses
  Purpose of the Module: The SugarPivot module is an integration tool that allows SugarCRM users to pull stories from Pivotal Tracker into SugarCRM.  
  • After completing the purchase process, install the SugarPivot module and log in as an administrative user.
  • From the main page, click the 'Admin' tab located in the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, under the 'Developer Tools' section, choose 'Module Loader'.
  • Click 'Browse' to choose from the available modules.
  • Select the SugarPivot Zip package
  • Click 'Upload' and allow the file transfer to complete
  • Once the files have completed transferring, choose 'Install'.
  • When the module is ready for installation, take a moment to read the 'Software License Agreement'.
  • If you agree to the terms of the License Agreement, choose 'Accept', then click 'Commit'.
  • Verify that the module completed installation.
SP6   Additional Information SugarPivot installs two schedulers that can be accessed in the 'Scheduler' section of the Administration module.
  • 1. Sync Pivotal Tracker stories – This scheduler imports Pivotal Stories into their corresponding Pivotal Project record.
  • 2. Get the Pivotal Project and build drop down – This scheduler imports the listed projects in the drop down menu of the Pivotal Project module.
  License Configuration
  • Find and click the 'Admin' tab from the drop down menu at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down until you see 'License Key' in the Sugar Pivot section, then select License Key.
  • Enter the License Key received during the purchase process and click save.
  • SugarPivot requires that you have an account with Pivotal Tracker. To begin using SugarPivot, you will need to retrieve your Pivotal Tracker API key.
  • To get your Pivotal Tracker API key, go to and sign in. Once you are logged in, click your username at the top right of the page and select 'Profile'.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the edit page and copy the API token. The API token will be your API key for Pivotal Tracker in SugarCRM.
  • To input your API key into SugarCRM, select 'Admin' from the drop down menu at the top of the page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Admin page. In the SugarPivot section, select 'SugarPivot Settings'.
  • Input your API key and save.
SP14 *If you have an issue inputting your API key, try reopening your browser.  
  Module Use
  • To access the SugarPivot module, select 'Pivotal Projects' from the top menu.
  • The Pivotal Projects module contains a list view of existing projects. To create a new Pivotal Project, click the drop down menu and select 'Create Pivotal Project'.
  • On the Create Pivotal Project page, you will need to: 1. Input a name for your project, 2. Select a project from Pivotal Tracker, and 3. Save your information.
SP17   Additional Information
  • When you create a new record in Pivotal Projects, it would help with coordination to give your record the same name as the project you are importing from Pivotal.
  • Data is not bi-directional. When you input data like the start and end dates, that information is not exported back into Pivotal Tracker, it is only included in the record that you create.