Mod Surveys User Guide

Table of Contents

  • Purpose of the Module
  • Installation
  • License Configuration
  • Module Uses



Purpose of the Module

The Mod Surveys module allows users to create a variety of surveys in SugarCRM. Mod Surveys enables users to easily create surveys using survey and email survey templates.

Surveys created from an email survey template can be used as survey invitations to Contacts, Accounts, and Leads.

Using Workflow, a survey invitation can also be sent for certain actions within the Meetings/Cases module.

  • For example, when a case is closed, an invitation can be created and sent to the related person.

Responses can be gathered and results analyzed from recipients through ‘Survey Answers’.



Install Guide

  • After completing your purchase, install the Mod Surveys module and log in as an administrator.
  • From the main page, click the 'Admin' tab located in the dropdown menu at the top right corner



  • Then, under the 'Developer Tools' section, choose 'Module Loader'.



  • Click 'Choose File' and select the appropriate .zip file.



  • Select the Mod Surveys .zip package.
  • Click 'Upload' and allow the file transfer to complete.



  • Once the files have completed transferring, choose 'Install'.
  • When the module is ready for installation, take a moment to read the 'Software License Agreement'.
  • If you agree to the terms of the License Agreement, choose 'Accept', then click 'Commit'.



  • Lastly, verify that the module completed installation.




License Configuration

  • Select the 'Admin' tab from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.



  • Scroll down until you see 'License Key' in the Surveys section of the Admin Panel, then select it.



  • Enter the License Key received during purchase process and click 'Save'.




Module Uses

1. Creating a Survey
2. Adding Questions to a Survey
3. Creating Survey Templates
4. Sending a Survey Based On Report Results
5. Sending a Survey Invitation from the ListView and DetailView
6. Creating a Workflow
7. Survey Responses



1. Creating a Survey

  • To create a survey, begin by selecting 'Create Surveys' from the Surveys module dropdown



  • On the 'Create Surveys' page, the survey can be assigned to a user, and the survey's header and footer text can be entered in the provided text editors.



  • Also, users can select a survey template or a survey email template from this page:
    • Select 'Survey Email Templates' to send a survey invitation to desired Contacts. Accounts, and Leads.
    • Select 'Survey Templates' to display the available survey questions.



  • Once you have completed the header and footer text for your survey and selected a survey template or survey email template, click 'Save' to create your survey.


2. Adding Questions to a Survey

  • You can choose to either create a question or select existing questions for your survey.
  • To add questions to a survey, go to the Surveys module and select a survey from the list view to enter the survey's edit view.



  • Once you have entered the edit view of your survey, scroll down and choose to either create a new survey question or select an existing survey question.



  • If you choose to create a new survey question, a popup will appear that gives you the choice to create 7 types of questions. They include:​
    1. TextField - Allows the user to add a text field.
    2. Scale - Allows the user to customize the scale type to either 1-5 or 1-10.
    3. TextArea - Allows the user to enter free text.
    4. Yes/No - Allows the user to select from a dropdown Boolean (Ex: Yes or No). However, you can select a different default answer for the Boolean field.
    5. MultiSelect
    6. Radio Enum
    7. Rank



  • Users can also search for an existing survey question using the search box, then clicking 'search'.
  • A checkbox next to each question will allow you to make the question 'required' for this survey only.



  • You can sort the order of the questions as they will be displayed on the survey form by dragging and dropping the rows to their desired location.



  • After completing edits to the survey questions, you can click the 'Preview Survey' button located in the edit view of the survey which will show the current draft form of the survey template, with the header and footer that were created as well.
  • After surveys have been distributed, users can access statistics in a detail view that include information such as:
  1. The number of survey invitations that were sent.
  2. The number of survey invitation that were populated.
  3. The number of survey invitations that were not populated.


3. Creating Survey Templates

  • To create survey templates or survey email templates, select the respective module and choose the create option from the module dropdown.



  • Users can create HTML survey templates with questions using predefined variables like {SURVEY_NAME}, {HEADER_TEXT}, {SURVEY_QUESTION} and {FOOTER_TEXT}.



  • In the email template for the survey invitation, the variables {RECORD_NAME} and {SURVEY_INVITATION_URL} can be automatically populated for the specific contact.



4. Sending a Survey Based on Report Results

  • Survey invitations can be sent to Contacts, Leads or Account lists based on report results.
  • Find and click the report tab, then choose 'Check Report'. It will provide a summary for the number of invitations that will be sent for that report.
  • Select which survey you want to send with the invitation and then click the 'Confirm Sending of Survey Invitations' button.
    • Note: The supported report types include the 'Rows and Columns Report' and the 'Summation Report with Details'.


5. Sending a Survey Invitation from the List View/Detail View

  • Select the Invitation Button on List View/Detail View of Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Cases and Meeting.
    • Note: For the Case module, it will find related accounts to invite.
    • Note: For the Meeting module, It will find related modules (Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Cases) to invite.
  • Select a record from the list view, click the drop-down to 'Send Survey Invitation' button.
  • It will open a pop-up to select the desired timing of when you want the invitation sent.
  • To select the survey and email address of respective contacts for the invitations to be sent to, click the 'Send Survey Invitation' detail view button.
  • To choose the invitation to be sent, click the drop-down option and select the desired survey.
  • Then, choose the appropriate contact email from the dropdown menu and select the address for the survey invitation to be sent to.


6. Creating a Workflow:

When a survey invitation should be sent based on activities that take place within particular modules, a workflow needs to be created to carry out the action.

  • First, select the target module that the activity will take place in.
    • In this instance, the ’Target Module’ is ‘Meetings’.
  • Then, choose the set of records that the action ‘Applies to’.
    • For this example, it will apply to ‘Updated Records Only’
  • Define the condition based on the available values.
  • Determine what the action should be.
  • Select the invitation that should be associated with the target module.
  • In addition, predefined values can be assigned to create a new invitation as shown below.
  • Now you are ready to send an invitation based on a workflow process.


7. Survey Responses:

Once the users receive their emailed invitation, they will be able to respond using the ‘Survey Invitation Link’.  Note: All invitation links will be unique.

  • When they click to respond, the user will see a survey similar to the one below.
  • When the user submits an answer, they will then be redirected to an entry point and the answer will be saved and displayed in the ‘Survey Answers’ module while being linked to the initial invitation form.