The SugarCRM dashboard is a strategic section of SugarCRM that when used correctly can have a powerful impact. The dashboard can provide flexibility not seen in individual reports, provide easy viewing of many data sets and help users adopt SugarCRM. In this article, I am going to cover some common Dashboard questions and share some thoughts on SugarCRM dashboard configuration.

Flexibility and Training

SugarCRM dashboards are highly flexible and can be configured in many different ways. Like any flexible application, that means that it can feel complex for new users.


SugarCRM dashboards can provide a single screen to view rows and columns style data that is filtered based on your needs or charts and graphs. It is crucial that each user configures the dashboard based on their job role and the data that is most important to that role. We have found that the best way to make this happen is to have each user build dashboards during training.





One reason we believe in this process is because it leads to a higher adoption of SugarCRM. Users that configure the dashboard based on their needs not only learn how to change the dashboard but they also leverage the data more often since they put it on the screen.

Dashboard Lockdown

I often get asked if we can lock down dashboards to show only specific items. The short answer is yes. However, I highly recommend that businesses do not take this approach. Each job role is different and each person in the same role may work through their day differently. If the user determines that most of the data on their dashboard is not helpful to them, then they skip that screen and move on. At this point, you lost a valuable feature of SugarCRM and lowered the value that the user receives from it.

Dashboard Templates

I often get asked if you can set a dashboard and push that out to users. SugarCRM does not natively support this feature but there are multiple add-ons that enhance SugarCRM to provide the capability. One of those add-ons is Dashboard Deployer

What other questions do you have about SugarCRM dashboards?