Being able to send up to 144,000 emails per day is great. Having the ability to send an unlimited amount is even better. atcore-systems-email-logo-e1432234722652-300x283Mass emailing is a marketing strategy that began in the mid-90s during the internet revolution. While we’ve seen the usage of other strategies like direct mail and cold calling that were also popular during that time lose steam, email marketing has continued to thrive. A few reasons mass emailing has maintained its popularity are:
  • Having the ability to reach a large audience with few resources
  • Creating personalized messages
  • Recipients having the ability to easily opt-in and opt-out
One of our clients in higher education found themselves in a position where the number of emails they could send per day maxed out at 144,000, but they needed the capacity to send more. Here’s why: As a major university, our client has dozens of departments. Some examples are:
  • Academic Advising
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Enrollment Services
There are many more. The individuals that comprise these departments used email to reach out to current students, prospective students, alumni, staff, parents, and a number of other individuals and organizations. Considering the number of departments using email and the number of people each department reached out to, the University realized on any given day, upwards of 1 million emails may need to be sent. Using the immense flexibility of SugarCRM, our team was able to build a solution that allowed our client to vastly increase the amount of email they could send each day.

Sending Unlimited Email With SugarCRM

Out-of-the-box, SugarCRM’s email service works like this: Email-Gizmo-1
  • First, Sugar checks for valid email that is in queue (emails that are waiting to be sent).
  • Once valid email is found, Sugar sends it out one-by-one at a rate of a little under two emails per second.
  • At this rate, our client could only send about 144,000 email messages in a 24-hour span
  Atcore's solution took Sugar’s email sending process and increased its capabilities: Email-Gizmo-2
  • First, we took Sugar’s email sending process and made it standalone.
  • By making the process standalone, it is able to be replicated an infinite amount of times.
  • Each replicated email sending process sends a set amount of email.
  • The email process is replicated as many times as it takes to send each email that is in queue.
For Example If our client has 200,000 email messages in queue, the system could replicate the email sending process…let’s say 400 times. If those 400 replications sent out 500 emails each, our client would be able to send out their 200,000 emails in a timely fashion. 200k-Emails1 No matter how much email our client needs to send, using our solution in SugarCRM, they are able to do so with much greater efficiency. logo-sugarcrm-e1430856209308

Everyday, SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market.

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