Your-Signature-Blog-Image GradCapLast month, we published a blog which highlights the trend in higher education of institutions seeking to improve student lifecycle management by achieving a 360-degree student view. These efforts are aimed at three major goals:
  1. Recruiting the right students
  2. Helping students thrive once they are on campus
  3. Maintaining relationships with students as they become alumni
Improving student lifecycle management can be achieved by effectively tracking interactions with prospective students during the recruitment process all the way to tracking interactions with alumni that have graduated from the college or university. Along with maintaining data from these interactions, colleges and universities must make this information accessible from a single platform so it can be used by members of various departments to ensure positive interactions with prospective, current and former students. Doing so, improves the chances of creating long-lasting relationships with these individuals. Last week, we posted a blog detailing how one of our clients in higher education used a customization built by our team in SugarCRM to consolidate their data from multiple systems. These systems include platforms like Banner and PowerFAIDS, which our client used to house student bio data and student financial aid data, respectively. As a follow-up to last week’s blog, we will look at how our client used their consolidated data to achieve a 360-degree student view.

Achieving A 360-Degree View

This diagram from the blog we published last week details how we were able to consolidate data from multiple systems into Sugar. Fordham-Image-e1430422560256 By making this data available in one system, our client was able to achieve a 360-degree view of each student by opening records in what was formerly the “Contacts” module in Sugar that we renamed “People.” Once the “People” module is opened, our client’s staff can see data that would have required accessing several systems. Some of the features of the 360-degree student view are:
  • Fields that display information about the student:
  • Status indicators that detail information like a student’s current enrollment status (St), an individual’s status as an alum (Al), other (Ot), and a student’s employment status within the institution (Em)
  • Dropdown fields containing additional student information
Students360Dropdowns Using a customization built by the Atcore team in Sugar, our client was able to achieve a 360-degree student view. This allowed them to improve support and enhance relationships with prospective, current and former students. What customizations can your organization use to increase your ROI from Sugar? Leave a message in the comments or contact us. We’d love to begin a conversation with you.