Data-Consolidation The simplest definition of data consolidation is the integration of data from multiple systems into a single system. Data consolidation can produce a number of benefits for a business. Some of them include:
  • Reducing the cost of managing multiple systems
  • Simplifying training as users only need to learn one system
  • Customer-facing employees having access to data needed to provide an improved customer experience
In the eBook Why I.T. Loves Sugar, we provide multiple examples of the Atcore team using Sugar’s standardized architecture to consolidate data from multiple systems onto the Sugar platform, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of housing their data in a single system. The following is an excerpt from the eBook detailing an instance in which Atcore Systems used Sugar to consolidate data from multiple systems for a client in the health care industry:
… One example of this comes from a large health care company that we worked with that had data everywhere… They used multiple CRM systems and three different event management systems. This company also had a mobile application built on a mobile framework that had intermediary tables because they went through a third party mobile provider that connected to their own database. There was data everywhere, and they wanted it all to sync. Using Sugar as its CRM platform, we were able to eliminate all of this. We used a mobile application that communicated directly to Sugar. We created a website with a login and identification for their portal that also communicated directly to Sugar. Using Sugar’s API, we merged all of the data into one system. Instead of using 10 different systems, the data was now consolidated and information was separated to proper categories using Sugar’s roles and permissions engine.
To read more about this example and other information on data consolidation with Sugar, download the free eBook Why I.T. Loves Sugar.

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book_cover-e1431720114425 Why I.T. Loves Sugar is an eBook that was written to present real world examples and use cases that display the many ways SugarCRM provides solutions for businesses. Whether you are a business owner, a manager, a member of your company's I.T. department, or you are simply interested in learning more about one of the most flexible, cost-effective CRM solutions on the market, Why I.T. Loves Sugar is a must read.