buildIf you are choosing between Sugar On-Demand and a third party host, consider the particular situation in your company. Some factors to look into include cost, uptime, and service quality. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of using Sugar On-Demand against the benefits of going with a third-party provider. Unlike its main CRM competitors, SugarCRM does not limit customer choices when it comes to their cloud providers. The CRM software can be installed on-site or deployed on multiple clouds. Around three-fourths of SugarCRM customers use the in-house cloud solution with the remaining customers choosing their own hosts. About Sugar On-Demand Sugar hosts its software from Rackspace and Equinix in California and the United Kingdom with backup data centers in Atlanta. The company offers 99.5% uptime guarantee. If any critical incident occurs, customers will get a one-day credit. If two or more serious incidents occur, customers get a one-month service credit. Take note that Sugar does not offer performance visibility on its portal. In addition, the customer will need to report downtimes should they experience it. About Public Cloud Hosting Sugar has an international network of hosting partners which allows customers to select from a wide range of third-party providers. SugarCRM can be hosted anywhere in the world. This is of particular benefit to companies that are located in places with less sophisticated internet access. Hosting SugarCRM on a local data center allows them to avoid web hops and latency. Some of the leading public clouds you can use include Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, and Rackspace. If hosting portability is important to you, SugarCRM is one of the few CRM companies that let customers choose their own host. The flexibility protects against lock-in and allows customers to tap into a cloud that best suits their needs.