SugarCRM is a powerful CRM solution that allows companies to improve the effectiveness of all lead generation activities within their organizations.  If you are using SugarCRM within your organization, chances are you are working for a company that employs a few hundred individuals. The application is not only proven to improve business operations dramatically, it also helps boosts employee productivity.

Because the application serves as an information repository, there is a crucial need for organizations to manage the usage of the application within their organizations. Not only will this prevent unauthorized access, it also increases data security.

Administrators are tasked to manage the usage of the application within their organizations. As such, SugarCRM is equipped with a User Management module that provides administrators access to easily create, edit, activate, and deactivate the profiles of all the users in your instance of Sugar.

There are a number of circumstances that require administrators to administer changes in bulk, thus mass updating is allowed in the SugarCRM application.

What is Mass Updating?

Mass Updating is a feature that allows users to apply the same change to multiple user records at once using the Users list view.  Not only is this a more efficient way of administering changes, it also saves a lot of time and effort on the end of administrators.  Users with administrator or developer level access can control which fields can be changed during mass updating via Admin > Studio.

Only fields with the following data types may be altered during a mass update: date, time, drop down, multi-select, and radio.

Due to PHP memory limitations on the server, there may be occasions when the application times out as administrators are updating a large number of user records.  If you encounter an error when performing this action, it is recommend that you perform mass updates in smaller batches.

How do I administer a mass update using SugarCRM?

Administrators who need to perform a mass update should follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the SugarCRM application as an Administrator

2. Navigate to the Users list view by clicking the User Management from the Admin menu.

3. Use the list view's Basic or Advanced Search to identify the users whose profiles you wish to modify.

4. Select the desired users individually or use the checkbox’s dropdown options

5. Choose Mass Update from the Actions menu.


6. Scroll to the Mass Update panel and proceed to set the values for the fields you wish to alter.

7. Once done, click the Update button to save all the changes you just made to all of the currently selected contact records.


Indeed, the Mass Update feature makes it easy for administrators to apply changes in bulk rather than individually changing them one by one.  When you're a CEO, manager, or supervisor it is importnat to find ways that can save you time becuse we know you're busy.  We hope this guide will help you save a few extra minutes when you need to update several user profiles at once.  Want to know more ways to save time, maybe you need to find a faster way to import leads, then check out our ebook.