image-67The Traction Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) developed by Gino Wickman has played an instrumental role in providing a business framework for many companies, including Atcore Systems. TractionEOS focuses on aligning the leadership within an organization to enable the business to operate with a unified vision. This, along with the tracking aspect of the system which bolsters accountability, can be a major leap forward for any company that adopts the system. At Atcore, one of the first concepts we adopted from Traction’s EOS methodology was Quarterly Rocks. Rocks, for us, are specific quarterly goals for both the company and each individual on the Atcore team. After implementing Quarterly Rocks, we quickly realized how beneficial it was to the organization to have defined priorities each quarter. Ultimately, these priorities provide each member of the team, and the organization as a whole, with overarching goals to pursue each day.  

Tracking Quarterly Rocks with SugarCRM

After determining that Quarterly Rocks would become an integral aspect of how Atcore operates, we decided to back up the process with technology in order to track progress. In about 30 minutes we built the Traction Rocks module in SugarCRM with Sugar’s Module Builder. You can think of this module as a performance management system in SugarCRM. In the list view of the Traction Rocks module, we are able to see most of the data related to each Rock, including:
  • The Assigned Rock
  • Status
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Target Number
Rocks-List-View   When more detail is needed, we can select a Rock and review it in SugarCRM’s record view. Also, the Rock Updates module can be used to provide a status update that is distributed via a workflow in Sugar. With SugarCRM workflows, each time a Rock is assigned or updated, the parties involved are automatically notified. Rocks-Detail-View   Moving forward, we plan to incorporate more of Gino Wickman’s TractionEOS into our SugarCRM instance. Stay tuned, and feel free to reach out to us about using SugarCRM for lightweight performance management.