SugarCRM provides a comprehensive array of Dashboard features that can be easily leveraged by any user. Dashlets on the Dashboard can be configured to show rows and columns, charts, websites and many other pieces of information. Even though we have all of these features, there are three common enhancement requests that are requested.

Dashboard Templates

In SugarCRM, you can only configure your dashboard. There is no default way to configure and push dashboards and this is where the community steps in with a solution. The two solutions that SugarCRM administrators most commonly choose are Dashboard Manager and Dashboard Deployer.  Both of these enable administrators to configure and deploy dashboards to users.


Dashboard Manager

This module will give the user the ability to share their custom dashboard with other team members. Admin users will also be able to create customer dashboard and deploy them to individual users, a group of users in a specific team or role.




sugarcrm-template-deploymentDashboard Deployer

This module will make onboarding users or pushing changes for existing users much easier.  It will only take users a few seconds to push a dashboard template to users.


For most people, clicking the Cog on a Dashlet to review the based report is a drilldown. But many users want a quicker and easier way to use drilldown capability. SugarCRM dashlet drilldowns have been completed by W-Systems and their Drilldown enhancement.


Drill Down Report Chart Dashlet

This module will allow users to drill down on any report based dashlet and open the underlying repot in a new browser tab.  This makes viewing the report data much easier and faster.



More Charts

Want more charts on your dashboard? I mean, who doesn’t like a good chart? Instead of adding on another reporting package, you can check out addons like the W-Systems Gauge Dashlet.

SugarCRM_Gauge_Dashlet_ExampleGauge Dashlet

This module is a configurable gauge chart dashlet.  The gauge chart is most commonly used for measuring actual results against predetermined ranges.


Out of all of these, most administrators of large teams can’t seem to live without the Dashboard Template modules, with these modules your team can have that rockstar dashboard too!