Higher-Education-300x94 A trend has emerged in higher education in which institutions of higher learning are looking to improve their management of the student lifecycle. These efforts are aimed at:
  • Recruiting the right students (students that will not only apply, but attend the institution, and students that will thrive once being admitted)
  • Ensuring that students are productive and successful (students that are active within the institution and students that graduate)
  • Continuing a relationship with students following graduation (alums that contribute and serve as ambassadors for the institution)
A 360-Degree Student View To improve student lifecycle management, institutions of higher learning must utilize data that is captured from interactions with students from their recruitment to the time they graduate. Generally, this data is housed in multiple systems ranging from enrollment systems, student management systems, and other campus systems that house data for student parking and living arrangements, for example. To effectively utilize this data, it must be available on a centralized platform. Accumulating this data in one place provides a complete view of the student, known as a 360-degree view. The Benefits Research shows that institutions that obtain a 360-degree view of students and effectively manage the student lifecycle, experience improved results in several areas, including:
  • Students that are more likely to be satisfied with their collegiate experience
  • Students that are more likely to recommend the institution
  • Students that are more likely to contribute to the university following graduation
Student satisfaction is not the only result of effective student lifecycle management. This effort also affects the perception of the institution among parents, the businesses that employ their students, and the communities that harbor these institutions. From admissions to student life, and advising to alumni management, today, effectively managing the student lifecycle is essential for institutions of higher learning.

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