cloud-300x215Based on a continuing trend in the way businesses deploy CRM, it is inevitable that the vast majority of deployments will soon be software as a service (SaaS), often referred to as “the cloud.” In 2013, Gartner’s market share reports found that 41 percent of all CRM systems sold that year were SaaS-based. However, this may have been one of the final years that on-premises or on-site deployments outnumbered SaaS deployments. Last year, Gartner projected that in 2015, the majority of CRM systems will be SaaS solutions, and by 2025, the number of SaaS CRM deployments will reach 85 percent. With the numbers presented above, it’s no wonder why most CRM solutions utilize the cloud-based SaaS model for deployment. However, there’s an important factor that is being overlooked as the trend of cloud-based solutions continues upward, and that is choice. In one of his more famous quotes, revered businessman, Stephen Covey once said, “There are three constants in life: Change, Choice and Principles.” SaaS CRM solutions offer several benefits like lower costs and faster implementations, but businesses should still have the choice to deploy their CRM the way they see fit, be it in the cloud or on-premises. The needs of a small startup with limited financial and IT resources, that sees SaaS as its best option will differ from a large organization that needs to host its data on-site due to security compliance requirements. SugarCRM offers deployment options that can meet the needs of both organizations.  

Sugar’s Deployment Options Include:

1Sugar On-Demand: Sugar On-Demand is SugarCRM’s standard cloud-based hosting option. 5Sugar On-Site: Sugar gives businesses the option to deploy on-site from their company’s servers. 2Sugar Private Cloud: Sugar Private Cloud is a premium hosting option that includes enhanced security. 3Public Cloud: Sugar can be deployed from a number of popular cloud services including Amazon and Rackspace.

4Partner Cloud: Sugar can also be deployed from your Sugar partner’s cloud service.

Why-IT-Loves-SugarTo learn more about Sugar’s deployment options and other benefits of Sugar, download the eBook, Why I.T. Loves Sugar.