When a Sugar user enters the list view of a module, the user is capable of seeing any record that they have access to within the module. But here’s the thing, rarely will a user need access to every record in a module. So, to view essential records, users can create filters. When a user creates a filter, they have the option to choose from a list of properties and operators to limit the items in the list view to only records that are allowable by the filter. Properties Operators   However, what if simply filtering the items that you need access to is not enough? Imagine someone in a lead qualification role at an organization that generates a high volume of leads. In order to do their job, this individual would need consistent access to the flow of leads coming into Sugar. In this situation, it is normal for the user to utilize the list view as a queue to assist them in staying up-to-date with new records. In order to remain current on incoming lead records, this individual could create custom filters in the Leads module. However, Sugar only allows a limited number of filters to be shown, and in order to stay up-to-date with the number of incoming leads, the user may need to constantly refresh the filtered list view. A disadvantage the user will likely experience is that over any given period of time, the number of new leads entered into the system will more than likely vary. Because of this, sometimes using the filter meant to show new leads entered into the system may reveal no new leads, while other times the user may find 50 new leads in the system.  

Intelligent Filters

One of our clients in higher education underwent a similar issue with their instance of Sugar, and our solution was Intelligent Filters. The Intelligent Filters customization can be viewed concurrently with a module’s list view, and allows users to easily utilize this feature as a queuing mechanism. With Intelligent Filters, Sugar users can view their filters and the number of records that match those filters. Intelligent-Filters2   To ensure the number of records that match the filters is consistently updated, users can select a time interval in which the filter will auto-update. This alleviates the need for users to constantly refresh filters to determine if new records have been added. Time-Interval1   The Intelligent Filters customization in Sugar enabled our client to improve the efficiency of filtering records in a module’s list view, which helps increase their CRM’s ROI. What customizations can your business use to enhance Sugar and increase ROI? Contact us, we’d love to begin a conversation with you.