EOS-LogoAccording to Gino Wickman, the author of the business strategy book Traction, business owners tend to rate the effectiveness of their meetings at about a 4 out of 10. In large part, business meetings should play an essential role in keeping everyone in the know, maintaining accountability and building consensus. However, as Wickman’s statistic on the effectiveness of business meetings points out, it is not always simple to have meetings accomplish these goals. Last week, I posted a blog detailing how the team here at Atcore Systems has begun to incorporate aspects of Traction’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into our organization, while using SugarCRM to keep track of our progress.  

Level 10 Meetings

Last week’s post discussed Quarterly Rocks, but the topic of today’s post is our Adoption of EOS’s Level 10 Meeting for the leadership team at Atcore. The Level 10 Meeting is named simply for the concept of having the effectiveness of leadership meetings be a 10 out of 10. A Level 10 Meeting is comprised of several key elements, including:
  • Discussing “good news” within the organization
  • A reporting session that focuses on agenda items
  • Creating a weekly to-do list
  • Dedicating time to identify, discuss and solve (IDS) the organization’s most important issues
  In the video below, Wickman discusses the items mentioned above, and discusses the elements that make up the Level 10 Meeting in greater detail.  

Tracking Level 10 Meetings With SugarCRM

As mentioned earlier, not only do we want to adhere to the process, we also want to track it. Since we love SugarCRM, and hate browsing through shared folders for documents, I decided to prototype the Level 10 update sheet in SugarCRM. Level-10   Using Module Builder and Studio in SugarCRM, it didn’t take long for us to have version 1 of our Level 10 form. For this visual I utilized SugarCRM Field Help Text and Default Values so that users of the form have more indicators on the data that is expected. Also, once you have completed the SugarCRM EOS Level 10 module, be sure to secure your data by using Teams. By utilizing these features, your organization can effectively track Level 10 Meetings in SugarCRM. To further the conversation on SugarCRM and EOS, leave a message in the comments below, or contact us. We’d love to begin a conversation with you.

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