crm_training_atcore_systems The implementation team huddled in meetings for months mapping your sales process while the IT team worked long days configuring the CRM software. After months of work, all the technical issues were resolved. The Big Day arrives. The Executive team beams with pride as they reveal the new CRM to the Sales team. A mandate is given to use it or lose your job.  The room is silent...Doom. Months go by and people complain about duplicate data, inaccurate reports, too many button clicks.  What happened? You thought of everything.  Or did you? You forgot to invest in employee training.  Of course your CRM is simple to you because you’ve been using it for months already. But the front-end people - the sales team - were left out of the equation. You didn’t want to scare them. Now, you run the risk of losing all the investment. In the Oracle white paper, Ten Critical Success Factors for CRM:  Lessons Learned from Successful Implementation, one success factor is “Invest in training to empower end users”. Training should not be an afterthought in your CRM implementation. Not only should you show your users how to use the software, but also talk about the business process that supports your implementation. Michael Taylor provides 5 great tips about How to Truly Get CRM Training Right. He recommends that you:
  1. Provide relevant content
  2. Make training interactive and user-friendly
  3. Expand training beyond the training day
  4. Evaluate the success of training sessions
  5. Provide post-training performance support
Don’t waste your efforts and money. Plan for CRM training up front to improve the ROI on your software. How could training benefit your CRM program or implementation?  Leave me a comment so we can discuss further.