sugarcrm_cube_logo Recently, SugarCRM released new versions of Sugar and SugarCRM Mobile. Sugar 7.6.1 and SugarCRM Mobile 2.7 include important feature enhancements that improve the overall experience of using Sugar to create extraordinary customer relationships.  

New in Sugar 7.6.1

In Sugar 7.6.1, each edition of Sugar (Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate) supports OAuth 2 authentication for Google connector. Other enhancements available in Sugar 7.6.1 include:
  • Administrators having the option to collapse all subpanels in Sidecar modules by default
  • Improved load times for viewing and filtering list views in Sidecar modules
  The Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Sugar include additional enhancements for SugarCRM’s BPM tool, Process Author. They include:
  • Filtering process definition criteria by the record owner being the user who created or last modified the record
  • Configuring wait events relative to a record’s date created and/or date modified

New in Sugar Mobile 2.7

SugarMobile-Screenshot-169x300SugarCRM Mobile 2.7 is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. New features and enhancements for SugarCRM Mobile include:
  • Sharing records via email, Twitter, Facebook, and more from a record’s detail view.
  • Sorting record list views by fields in ascending or descending order
SugarCRM Mobile 2.7 also includes a number of user interface improvements, including enlarged dashlet icons and a collapsing search bar that expands by tapping the search icon. For more information on SugarCRM’s new releases, check out these posts from the SugarCRM Community website (Sugar 7.6.1, SugarCRM Mobile 2.7). You can also leave a message in the comments section or contact us with your questions and feedback about the latest releases from SugarCRM.