CRM_Higher_Education_Atcore_Systems Technology seems to have branched out in every direction.  It’s even beginning to take hold in the academic world. Often, the technology that’s available is less than satisfactory. After discussions with my peers & colleagues, I understand that I’m not the only one who has this view. The number one topic of complaint I heard while in college went something like this:
  • Professor 1,“The inter-university portal never works for me, so I don’t use it.”
  • Professor 2,”Well I cannot understand this new fangled system for adding students to classes. There has to be a better way!”
  • Student A, “Freaking class system! It’s frozen again!”
I could go on. And on... Looking back on my college career, it’s difficult to find a positive experience with the tech geared towards education. The integration was just not there. There was one program for one function, another for a different function, and yet another program to view grades. It’s time for there to be a system that provides a 360 degree view of the students, alumni, professors, and staff. Not only would that help students keep track of their academic lives, the school’s administrators, recruiters, professors and support staff would benefit as well. I envision a day when a State University is able to find a prospective student, bring them into the school, give them the ability to see their academic career, keep track of their classes and stay in touch after they graduate. All from one program with an intuitive interface. The tech is there; it is possible. Applying a CRM approach to the higher ed world would revolutionize the way universities conduct business.  CRM  has been applied successfully to help universities and higher education institutes better manage their relationships.  Check out this case study on the Hillel Foundation and read a bit about their success story with SugarCRM. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below...