Twitter-LogoToday, consumers often use social media as a megaphone to discuss products. These discussions can range from what essentially equates to product reviews by detailing their opinion of a product, to issuing support requests directly to a business in which they made a purchase. An important factor to consider when consumers use social media is that they have the ability to share their opinions with virtually anyone in the world. Because of this, the necessity to positively interact with customers and contacts on social media grows in importance each day. Understanding this fact, SugarCRM offers several integrations through various social media channels that enable Sugar users to interact with customers and contacts directly from their CRM. To enable you to begin interacting with your CRM contacts on social media, this blog post will provide an overview of how to add a Twitter Dashlet in SugarCRM.  

Adding A Twitter Dashlet in SugarCRM

SugarCRM's Twitter Dashlet enables users to view Twitter bios, retweet and reply to tweets all from the SugarCRM platform. To create a Twitter Dashlet in Sugar, a user can select the edit option in their Sugar home screen. Edit   Next, the user should make a column selection from the Add a Row options. Add-a-Row   Once the user has made a selection from the Add a Row options, the user should select the Add a Sugar Dashlet option to view a list of available dashlets. Add-a-Sugar-Dashlet   Once the user selects the Twitter Dashlet, the user will be asked to input a Twitter ID. The Twitter ID can be any Twitter handle that the user wants to interact with. Twitter-ID   After connecting to Twitter, the user will be asked to authorize the use of their Twitter account for the SugarCRM Twitter Dashlet. Authorize-App   Once the user authorizes the app, Sugar will reload. Once Sugar has reloaded, the user can then view Tweets posted by the Twitter ID associated with the dashlet. Twitter-Dashlet   Now, users can carry out actions like replying to tweets, retweeting and marking a tweet as a favorite, all from SugarCRM. To learn more about SugarCRM's social media functionality, click here. To leave feedback about this article or SugarCRM and social media, leave a comment below.