On Monday, we posted a blog which detailed a customization in SugarCRM created by the team at Atcore Systems for one of our clients in the health care industry. This customization allowed our client’s CRM users to merge individual documents associated with a record in Sugar into a single file. Along with this enhancement, the customization also included another feature that enables users to easily send multiple documents as a Zip file using Sugar’s email functionality. When users email documents associated with a record in Sugar, they may not want to send every document associated with the record. It may also be time-consuming to individually attach each document to an email. Using the customization developed by Atcore, users can select which files they want to send in an email and the documents are automatically attached to their email message in a Zip file.  

Sending Multiple Documents As A Zip File

The first step required to send multiple documents in a Zip file using our customization is to select which files should be included in the email. This is done by selecting the “Create Closing Package” option in the Edit dropdown. Create-Closing-Package   On the next screen, the user is allowed to select which documents should be included in the Zip file. Send-Package   After determining which documents should be included in the email, an email template is automatically triggered that includes each document in a Zip file. Zip-Attachment   As one of the most customizable CRM systems on the market, SugarCRM enables businesses to enhance their systems through solutions that streamline processes and increase usability. This ultimately results in greater ROI for a business’s CRM initiative. What customizations can your business use to enhance Sugar and increase ROI? Contact us, we’d love to begin a conversation with you.

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