IMG_2229 At a recent CRM Atlanta Meetup, Derek Grant, Vice President of Sales at Salesloft, shared his insight on the most meaningful KPIs on which sales executives need to focus. His first recommendation was before you track KPIs (key performance indicators), establish an environment in which KPIs can operate and develop.  When it comes to tracking KPIs less is more.  Many executives will go overboard and exhaust time and money trying to build and manage KPIs that have little impact on the operation of the business. Think "Engine Check Light" The first KPIs on which you need to focus are those that reflect the health of the business.  Recommendations from Derek and other MeetUp attendees include:
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Conversion Rates
  • This year vs. last year - broken down by headcount
Next build a baseline of the business for the past 12 months and use that to compare performance for the current year.. Derek’s 9 KPIs that Matter include: Top of the Funnel
  1. Rep Activity & Channel
    • Total Number of Activities
    • Total Number by Account Executive
    • Track Activity by Channels and their related Outcomes
  2. Connect Rate
    • Number of Calls
    • Number of Conversations
      • If connect rate drops, rep may be working the same list over and over
      • For small b2b business, some don’t have phones, just a general voice mail, so call numbers may be skewed
  3. Meeting Volume by Channel
    • Total Number by Channel
    • Total Number by Account Executive
    • Mix of Channels per Account Executive
    • Channels (Phone, Email, Social)
Middle of the Funnel
  1. Number of Opportunities Pushed into Next Quarter
    • Helps in Accuracy of forecasting
    • Helps track dead or dying accounts
    • Third-party Apps can help track this in the CRM
  2. Disqualified Opportunities, by Channel
    • Effectiveness of each channel
    • Helps optimize future opportunities
  3. Opportunity Age
    • Age of opportunity
    • Compare to stage
    • Benchmark against historical age of closed won opportunity
Bottom of the Funnel
  1. Win Rate
    • Opps Created vs. Closed Won
    • Allows for coaching opportunities
  2. Average Sales Price
    • ASP by Account Executive
    • Quarterly goal is based on Deals x ASP
  3. Dollars by Channel
    • ASP by Channel
    • Identify & double down on strong performers
    • Investigate & resolve underperformers
What KPI's are most important to your sales team's success?