We recently posted a blog that explained how SugarCRM’s mobile platform is an essential element of SugarCRM’s renowned user experience. Today, we’re back to discuss new features recently added to SugarCRM’s mobile platform that further enhance the experience of Sugar users that deploy their CRM on the go. When SugarCRM released SugarCRM Mobile 2.8 in mid-October, the release included:
  • A filter enhancement that allows users to see their own records.
  • The addition of Twitter dashlets for SugarCRM Mobile.

My Records Filter

Whenever SugarCRM users need access to their SugarCRM records from anywhere in the world, it is possible using SugarCRM Mobile, and now, filtering those records to display a users’ own records is easier than ever. To utilize the My Records filter option, users can navigate to the Global Search from the menu. SugarCRM-Mobile-Menu   Once a user enters the Global Search, the user has the option to display their own records. To do so, the user should press the filter dropdown and select My Records. My-Records   This feature is also available in each module as users can choose filter options like My Leads, My Accounts, My Contacts and many more.  

SugarCRM Mobile Twitter Dashlet

The Twitter Dashlet enables users to view Twitter bios, retweet and reply to tweets all from the SugarCRM platform, and now this feature is available in SugarCRM Mobile. To view the Twitter Dashlet in SugarCRM Mobile, the dashlet has to be added in your regular Sugar instance. For instructions on adding a Twitter Dashlet in SugarCRM, click here. Once the Twitter Dashlet is setup in Sugar, the dashlet becomes available in SugarCRM Mobile. To access the Twitter Dashlet in SugarCRM Mobile, users can navigate to their home dashboard. SugarCRM-Mobile-Twitter-Dashlet   After selecting the Twitter Dashlet, users can view the Tweets associated with the Twitter ID assigned to the dashboard. SugarCRM-Mobile-Twitter   From here, users can complete actions like replying to a tweet, retweeting a tweet and marking a tweet as a favorite. SugarCRM-Mobile-Twitter-Actions   To learn more about SugarCRM Mobile, click here. Also, if you have any questions or feedback about the latest features from SugarCRM Mobile, leave a comment below.