safe_image.php_As an organization with multiple Developer, Administrator and Sales certifications in SugarCRM, we recognize the importance of attaining expert-level knowledge in Sugar to create effective solutions for businesses. However, from an individual prospective, there are also key benefits to gaining SugarCRM certification. Some of them include:  
  • Building confidence in the system
  • Demonstrating your knowledge and proficiency of SugarCRM
  • Adding value to your organization
In order to make the certification process as simple as possible, SugarCRM offers learning resources through Sugar University, an online training platform for anyone interested in achieving certification for SugarCRM.  

Certification Tracks

There are three certification tracks offered by SugarCRM. They are:
  • Administration Specialist
  • Developer Specialist
  • Sales Specialist
Administration Specialist – Becoming a certified SugarCRM Administrator requires fundamental knowledge of best practices and allows you to exhibit the skills needed to configure Sugar to meet the needs of your business. Developer Specialist – Sugar is a highly customizable platform. By becoming a certified SugarCRM developer, you can display your ability to develop solutions in Sugar that meet the requirements of your organization. Sales Specialist – The sales certification for SugarCRM is available for SugarCRM Channel Partners. This certification is recommended for individuals that are tasked with generating new company sales.  

Training Methods

Sugar University offers multiple training methods. The importance of Sugar University’s training methods is that they allow you to gain the knowledge needed to become certified through the medium that is most suitable for you. The training methods offered by Sugar University include:
  • Self-paced Training
  • Live Training
  • Hot Topic Webinars
  • Private Training
Self-paced Training – Sugar University offers self-paced training for admin and developer certification tracks through video tutorials and self-guided eLearning courses. Live Training – Sugar University has a number of expert-level trainers that are dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge needed to become certified. To take advantage of the assistance offered by Sugar University’s trainers, you can attend a live training course. Hot Topic Webinars – Another way to interact with Sugar University’s expert SugarCRM trainers is through Hot Topic Webinars. These webinars cover an array of important topics that will help you enhance your knowledge of the Sugar platform. There are a number of upcoming webinars that you can register for by visiting this link. Private Training – Sugar University offers private training for teams of 5 – 20 people. Private training allows your business to interact with SugarCRM’s trainers and tailor a curriculum specifically for your team. If private training would benefit your organization, you can learn more about it here. For more information on certification learning resources and Sugar University, watch the video below, and visit the Sugar University website by clicking here.