While GroundBreakCRM was originally created with Sales and Rental Equipment companies in mind, it is completely adaptable for any company that uses a mobile sales force to reach their clients. We've begun a series of blog posts introducing GroundBreakCRM and showcasing the different options available for companies using SugarCRM for their mobile sales teams. In a previous post, "SugarCRM Quoting from the iPad", we highlighted a new practice among sales teams that included outfitting them with iPads in order to have easier access to information stored at the office while out on the road visiting customers. In this post, we want to show the Account features available within the sales side of GroundBreak that will connect the process of selling or renting to the customers with ease. To make things almost effortless for mobile sales teams, GroundBreakCRM updates at predetermined intervals with the most recent data available from SugarCRM as well as your existing systems, such as RentalMan or SAP. The following features are all available through the Accounts subpanel:
  • Timeline Overview
    • The timeline feature enables users to view every interaction with a customer.
    • All items that are “To-Dos” are displayed on the left side of the timeline and all completed activities are displayed on the right.
    • The bottom of the timeline briefly shows how long ago something occurred with a customer, piece of equipment, etc.


  • Financial Information
    • A variety of customizable charts are available that include the ability compare the current year to prior years numbers for Sales and Rental amounts.
    • Credits and Receivables information is lucidly displayed.


  • Contacts
    • Users can easily view all of the contacts assigned to a specific account and which Sales/Rental Reps are currently engaged with them.
    • With the touch of a button called ”Contact Record”, users can view all the information about that specific contact.


  • Rented Equipment
    • The Accounts feature can show any of the equipment that is currently out on rent. This makes it quick and easy to access rental information.
    • The lists of equipment on rent can also be shared via E-mail to a customer.


  If you have a mobile sales team and are interested in learning more about using GroundBreak for SugarCRM, contact us today to let us show how to help your team maximize their time spent with customers. ebook-lead-managment-atcore-systems-e1398787955180