sugarcrm_cube_logoWhen a business wants to conduct a mass marketing campaign with SugarCRM, you’re probably aware that Sugar enables businesses to create target lists to reach specific individuals and organizations. However, you might not be aware that there is a limit to the amount of records you can add to a target list at one time. Currently, that number is 1000. But what would you do if you needed to create a target list with more than 1000 targets? If you wanted to conduct a mass marketing campaign with 50,000 targets, how time-consuming would it be to add records to your target list 1000 at a time? One of our clients in higher education needed a way to create large target lists in a timelier manner, and using the highly customizable SugarCRM platform, the team at Atcore Systems was able to create a solution.  

The "Import Me" Module

The solution developed by Atcore Systems is a custom SugarCRM module named “Import Me.” The Import Me module allows our client to import an unlimited number of targets into SugarCRM. These targets are then added into target lists automatically. How does it work? To begin, a user has to access the Import Me module. Import-Me   In the module, the user will have the option to do one of two things.
  1. If the user already has a CSV file with their targets, the user can select the “Targets Import” link to import their CSV.
  2. If the user doesn’t have a CSV, they have the option to download a Targets template, which is a CSV file that includes specific field names used by our client.
Targets-Import-Download-Template   Once the user has a list of targets in a CSV file, the user can then upload their CSV to Sugar. Test-Targets   After uploading the Targets CSV, the user will be given a notification email when the targets have been imported. The importing process runs in the background, so all the user has to do is wait to receive the notification. File-Submitted   Inside the CSV template, there is a field for Target Lists. If that field is populated, SugarCRM will create a new Target List and the newly imported Targets will be added to that list. If the Target List field in the CSV is left empty, the imported targets will be added to an existing target list. Using Atcore Systems’ SugarCRM targets import customization, adding an unlimited number of targets to a target list is simple and time-effective. This SugarCRM customization can be beneficial to businesses across any industry that utilize target lists for campaigns. Have any feedback on this SugarCRM customization? If so, leave a comment or contact us.

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