Whether you are a SugarCRM user or management user, activity logging and analysis is one of the most utilized areas of SugarCRM. As a user, you keep up with activities to ensure that you connect with each prospect and customer. As a manager you are looking to hold users accountable for their relationships. In this article, we are going to review 4 ways that you can review activities from an individual record.

As a quick primer, a record in SugarCRM is any single entry into a module. An example would be a specific Contact, Account or Lead. Users need to analyze activities in different ways for different reasons. Let’s take a look at 4 ways that SugarCRM activities can be reviewed.




The subpanels for activities are a quick and easy way that a user can see SugarCRM activities broken out by individual type. Subpanels provide a robust set of data and the user can paginate through historical activities.




The SugarCRM Activity dashlet is optimized to quickly see a rollup of of activity data. In this dashlet you can filter by your activities or all activities with a single click. You can also quickly view future and historical activities.


Historical Summary


Many users don’t find this gem of a feature but by clicking the dropdown next to the Edit button and clicking Historical Summary, you can get a running list of activity information in a full width list view.



Activity Stream


Clicking the Activity Stream button on a record opens up multiple features including a full stream of changes related to that record as well as the SugarCRM record level chat features. This is different from the Historical Summary since it includes more than activities.



Each of these options provide teams and managers a quick and easy way to view activities within a record.  What options did we provide that were new to you or your team?