How nice would it be to have a system that alerts your business of impending customer issues? A system that helps your business recognize when a small fire has been ignited and allows you to put it out before it becomes an inferno…  

From Reactive To Proactive

In the past, it has been commonplace for businesses to take a reactive approach to customer service, opting to let customers come to them with their issues and concerns. However, by the time a customer realizes they have a complaint, the chances of your business retaining that customer may have reached the point of no return. This is why the trend of proactively engaging customers has become more prominent. Being proactive is about getting in front of customer issues and taking actions that either enhance the customer experience or resolve minor issues before they become major problems.  

A Hurdle to Being Proactive

To be proactive, some businesses have to continuously engage with a number of entities. These could be leads, prospects and current customers, just to name a few. A problem emerges when you consider that there are only so many resources a business can deploy to truly remain proactive. For example, most businesses don’t have the resources that it would take to comb through all of its data to notice something like a minor dip in the revenue generated from a customer. However, if the revenue generated from that customer continued to decline precipitously, everyone would notice. So, how do businesses manage to spot potential problems like this before they become uncontrollable? One solution is to enhance the proactive functionality of CRM. Unlike traditional CRM, a CRM that is designed to be proactive can trigger actions that notify its users when a customer issue needs to be addressed. One of our clients in the financial services industry was in need of a solution that could make its salespeople more proactive in dealing with customer issues. Thus, our development team created a customized CRM solution that enabled our client’s salespeople to do just that.  

The Retention Alerts Dashlet

Our solution is a custom dashlet called “Retention Alerts”. The dashlet is visible from the CRM dashboard of each member of the sales team. Dashboard-Main-Outline-1024x554 Here’s how our solution works:
  • When our client interacts with customers, they create notes from these interactions called “merchant logs”. Each merchant log is then placed into the CRM.
The CRM administrator creates a list of keywords that relate to customer retention issues and the Retention Alerts dashlet looks for these keywords in each merchant log. Keywords-Retention-Alerts  
  • If one or more keywords are found in the merchant logs, the customer in which the merchant log is listed under will appear in the Retention Alerts dashlet.
  • When users click the “info” button, they are able to view the merchant log that caused the customer to be placed in the retention alerts dashlet.
  • If it is determined that an issue in the merchant log requires immediate attention, the salesperson has the option to send a customized email to respond immediately.
  • Once the salesperson has reached out to the customer, they have the option to remove the customer from the Retention Alerts dashlet by clicking the “Resolve” button.
Resolve   The Retention Alerts dashlet developed by Atcore allows our client’s salespeople to easily manage potential issues and communicate with customers proactively. A solution that gives our client the opportunity to put out the proverbial fire before it becomes an inferno. logo-sugarcrm-e1430856209308

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