Customers don’t like waiting to receive quotes. That’s kind of a no-brainer, right? But there’s another layer to this point. A statistic cited by in 2010 mentioned that 35-50 percent of sales go to agents that make first contact. This means that not only do customers dislike waiting to receive quotes, they are also more likely to reward salespeople that are quicker to respond. Understanding this fact, one of our clients in the heavy equipment sales and rentals industry recognized the need to improve the efficiency of their quoting process, and the Atcore team produced a solution that enabled them to do so.  

Alternate Rate Quotes

As a company that rents heavy equipment, much of our client’s inventory has a standard rate. That means the equipment they rent to their customers has a set price. These prices include rates for daily, weekly and monthly rentals. For example, if our client were to produce a quote for a piece of equipment, the standard rate might be $400 per day, $1250 per week and $3500 per month. Having standard rates allows our client to quickly create quotes; however, their quotes aren’t based solely on standard rates. Using a number of factors, our client offers alternate rates that provide discounts to certain customers. For example, our client may offer an alternate rate to a longtime customer, allowing said customer to pay a lower rate to rent their products. Out of the box, SugarCRM allows our client to add a standard inventory rate for each item they have available for rent. This makes producing a standard rate quote as simple as selecting a piece of equipment in the system and having Sugar immediately create a quote. However, since Sugar only handles a standard inventory rate, our client was not able to produce alternate rate quotes as efficiently. To produce an alternate rate quote, our client would have to:
  • Select the equipment from the system
  • Find the standard rate associated with the equipment
  • Determine the alternate rate associated with a particular customer
  • Apply the alternate rate to the quote
After all of this, they were able to provide an alternate rate quote to their customer. But, as I stated before, customers don’t like waiting for quotes, and it took our client longer than they would like to produce quotes with alternate rates. To enable our client to produce quotes with alternate rates as seamlessly as they produced quotes with standard rates, our team utilized the flexibility of SugarCRM to produce a custom solution that simplified alternate rate quoting.  

Our Solution

The following images are a standard rate quote and an alternate rate quote for one of the heavy equipment items offered by our client. 1. Standard Rate Quote Standard-Rate-Quote   2. Alternate Rate Quote Alternative-Rate-Quote
  • Our solution takes the standard inventory rate and enabled Sugar to track the alternate rate associated with each customer.
  • Anytime a customer selects a piece of equipment for rent, the system checks to see if there is an alternate rate associated with the customer.
  • If the customer hasn’t been given an alternate rate, the quote that is produced will include the standard rate. (Image 1)
  • If the customer has an alternate rate, the system produces a quote that provides the discounted rate. (Image 2)
Using a customized solution by the Atcore team in SugarCRM, our client is able to produce alternate rate quotes as easily as they produce standard rate quotes, allowing their salespeople to deliver quotes with improved efficiency. logo-sugarcrm-e1430856209308

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