A common question asked about CRM software is where are these systems used most often? Unsurprisingly, this is a question that may be posed by people from various walks of life and for completely different reasons. For example, a business owner may want to determine where a CRM would be most effective in their organization. In turn, they may want to know where CRM is deployed most frequently on a departmental basis. On the other side of the coin, a business that offers CRM related services may want to know which industries use CRM the most often and which markets have the greatest growth potential. To answer the question “Where is CRM used the most?” in an all-encompassing fashion, we have compiled research from three different organizations that answers four important questions: 1. Where is CRM used the most within an organization? 2. Which industries use CRM the most? 3. Which regions have the largest CRM market share? 4. Where do businesses plan to invest the most in CRM related software? The answers to these questions provide insight into the current and future landscape of one of the most widely-used business software solutions, CRM.  

Where is CRM used the most within an organization?

In 2015, Capterra, an organization that assists businesses in finding software solutions that match their needs, conducted a survey of 500 businesses for their CRM Industry User Research Report. Among the numerous must-know statistics that came from this study, Capterra’s research found nearly 80 percent of businesses utilized these systems in their Sales department, ahead of other departments like marketing and customer service by a wide margin.
CRM-Department-UseImage via Capterra

Which industries use CRM the most?

Also included in Capterra’s CRM Industry User Research Report, is a breakdown of which industries use CRM systems the most. The study found that the retail industry is the most frequent user of CRM. Rounding out the rest of the top 5 are business services, technology, banking/insurance/finance and manufacturing.
CRM-Use-By-IndustryImage via Capterra

Which regions have the largest CRM market share?

Last March, Gartner published its 2015 CRM Vendor Guide. Included in this study is recent information on global CRM market share for the year of 2014 and the projected Global CRM market for 2018. Not surprisingly, North America has the largest market share by a wide margin, followed by Western Europe. These two markets are also projected to have the greatest market share in 2018; however, the emerging markets of Latin America and the Asian/Pacific region are expected to see the strongest growth over the next five years.
Gartner-Image Image via Gartner

Where do businesses plan to invest the most in CRM related software?

In 2014, Software Advice, a CRM technology reviews and research organization under the Gartner umbrella, conducted a survey of more than 300 CRM users. An important aspect of this study focuses on where businesses plan to invest in CRM related technology in the future. Among the available options, Helpdesk/Customer Service is projected to have the greatest level of investment by businesses in the future.
crm-investment-areasImage via Software Advice
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