When you think of an innovative user experience in terms of CRM, what comes to mind? Perhaps, your immediate thought is of a desktop interface where users sit in front of their computer screens and interact with easy to use functions, with limited navigation and colorful charts created from an uncomplicated reporting engine. This is a great starting point if you were to conceptualize an enhanced user experience for CRM; however, in 2015, this vision is not quite complete. Today, an essential aspect of creating a superior user experience is providing users with a consistent experience across multiple devices. This includes your traditional desktop, but more than ever, mobile functionality is just as essential. Understanding this important aspect of user experience, SugarCRM provides its users with an immersive and consistent experience across multiple access points and devices. This functionality has helped SugarCRM gain recognition as an innovator in CRM user experience.     Imagine this scenario: An outside sales representative is in the field and makes a call to an important prospect. Following the call, the sales representative wants to log his interaction with the prospect in his company’s CRM.  

SugarCRM Mobile's Innovative User Experience

SugarCRM Mobile provides a platform that is consistent with the Sugar desktop experience and allows users to accomplish sales related tasks from any location. Also, in addressing the scenario described above, SugarCRM Mobile even seamlessly utilizes the normal calling features of any mobile phone with the SugarCRM Mobile application to make calling and logging information a breeze. The SugarCRM Mobile application gives users access to data stored in Sugar. This can include records from sales related modules like Leads, Contacts, Accounts and more. Contact-Information   Once the user decides to make a call to a contact from their CRM, the entire process of initiating the call and logging data from the call can be completed from SugarCRM Mobile. To begin a call, the user only has to press the call option. Call   Once the user presses the call button, all of the phone numbers associated with the contact are displayed. Phone-Numbers-2   After selecting a number, the contact is called using your phones normal calling functionality. Phone-Call-2   When the call is complete and the user returns to SugarCRM Mobile, the user receives a notification asking if they would like to log the call. Mobile-Log-Call-2   If the user chooses to log the call, they are taken to SugarCRM Mobile’s call logging page where the details of the call can be logged in Sugar. This information can then be accessed from anywhere. For example, if the sales representative’s manager wants to review the details of the call, they have the ability to do so from their computer anywhere in the world. Log-Call-Mobile   This is just one example of how SugarCRM provides an unmatched user experience across multiple platforms. To learn more about SugarCRM’s innovative user experience, click here.