Atcore_Systems_Logo-2It’s rare for a salesperson to close a deal after one meeting. You probably know that, but just how rare is it? Well, according to research, only 2 percent of deals close after the first meeting. This statistic brings about an obvious conclusion: for a salesperson to successfully close a deal, they must have a strategy to make consistent contact with a prospect. For a sales team, understanding the importance of having a contact strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. The hard part comes about when you consider that the team will need a consistent, scalable approach that garners optimal results. Just when you thought that was it, another layer is added when you consider that there has to be a mechanism in place to ensure that each member of the team properly executes the strategy while giving management insight into the day-to-day efforts of the team. Think about it, what’s the point of developing an effective strategy for reaching out to prospects when there’s no way of determining if the team actually follows it? Recently, one of our clients made the decision to streamline their contact strategy to optimize lead conversion. Utilizing the highly-customizable SugarCRM platform, the team at Atcore System developed a solution that enabled our client to manage their contact strategy within their CRM; ensuring that each member of the team adopted the strategy and giving management insight at the same time.  

The Contact Strategy Dashlet

Within SugarCRM, users have the option to utilize a number of dashlets to gain immediate access to pertinent information. The contact strategy developed by our client consists of a number of phone calls and emails for the leads in their system. Our solution utilizes a custom dashlet to list each phone call and email in an easy step-by-step method. After a call or email is completed, the user logs the action as complete by clicking the “Complete” button. Contact-Strategy   In the image above, you will notice a blue “Complete” button, while the others are gray. This is a mechanism we put in place to ensure that each step of the strategy is followed. Essentially, the gray buttons cannot be clicked to mark a call or email as complete until the previous call or email has taken place. Once a user clicks the complete button, the action is logged in SugarCRM’s detail view. SugarCRM-Detail-View  

Additional Features

Other essential features of this customization include the ability for users to customize the contact strategy of an individual lead, and an email wizard that enables users to easily perform the email sending portion of the contact strategy in SugarCRM.   Setting Individual Contact Strategies While an organization may want to employ an overarching contact strategy, there are sure to be certain leads that require contact at their own cadence. Because of this, we allow users to determine individual contact strategies in SugarCRM’s detail view. Contact-Strategy-Detail-View   The Contact Strategy fields in SugarCRM’s detail view allow users to determine:
  • If an individual should be contacted after 5pm
  • The number of calls that should be made
  • The number of email messages that should be sent
  • The number of weekly contact attempts that should be made
After completing this information, the Contact Strategy dashlet for that individual adjusts accordingly.   Email Wizard A second key feature is the email wizard that allows users to send email from SugarCRM by clicking the “Send Email” button in the Contact Strategy dashlet. Once the button is clicked, the user is taken to an email wizard where they can quickly send an email message in three simple steps: Email-Wizard   The user has the ability to select a desired email template, preview the email message and send the email all from this custom email wizard.   This SugarCRM customization allows our client to conduct their lead contact strategy efficiently, while giving management insight with data from SugarCRM. We’re interested in learning more about the way your business ensures sufficient contact with leads and prospects. If you want to add to the conversation, leave a comment below, and if you want to learn more about this SugarCRM customization, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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