sugarcrm_cube_logoIf you’re reading about converting leads in SugarCRM, you are either enhancing your knowledge of your CRM system or you have leads to convert. Either way, this is good news because learning this process is going to be beneficial for you and your organization.  

What Does it mean to Convert a Lead?

To begin, let’s briefly discuss what converting a lead is, and why this process is important. Lead conversion is basically the process of creating a Contact, Account or Opportunity after a lead has been qualified by a salesperson or someone tasked with lead qualification. A qualified lead can vary based on a business’s unique definition, but generally, it means someone has determined that the lead could become a revenue generator. When you convert leads in SugarCRM, your converted leads can smoothly transition into the next phase of your business’s sales process.
*All upcoming images are from Sugar 7.6

Converting A Lead In SugarCRM

  • To convert a lead in SugarCRM, you must first enter the record view of your lead. This can be done by selecting a record from the Leads module list view.
  • After selecting a record, click the edit dropdown and choose “Convert”.
  • Once you have selected Convert, you will be given the option to create a Contact, Account and an Opportunity.
  • Your next step will be associating the lead with a Contact and an Account. Associating an Opportunity is optional.
  • After inputting the Leads information, select “Associate Contact” and “Associate Account”. After this step is complete, you will notice a check for these two options.
  • Lastly, select “Save and Convert”.
Lead-Conversion-SugarCRM-7   After your lead has been converted, you will be taken back to your Lead’s record view page. Here, you will find a green marker notifying you that your Lead has been converted. Lead-Conversion-SugarCRM-8   To learn more about lead conversion in SugarCRM, click here.

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