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This module makes tracking time against any module in SugarCRM or SuiteCRM a breeze and generates weekly time sheets for your staff! This Pro edition gives you a dedicated reporting module that allows you to report, and export all your timesheet data from within the system. Want to email a timesheet to your supervisor? This does it in seconds. Want to track how much time you spent on a client project? Do it in seconds.

Key Use Cases

  • Track Employee Productivity - Learn where your employees are spending time their most time, and report on it.
  • Project Management - Track time against projects in SugarCRM and measure resource utilization.
  • Customer Support - Track time against customer support cases.
  • Sales - Track sales rep time against opportunities and accounts and determine how long it takes to close deals.
  • Customer Billing - Utilize your time sheets to bill your customers.
  • Track Attendance - Utilize your time sheet interface to track attendance related to CRM users or contacts.

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Key Features

  • Log Time against any module in SugarCRM. - Easily track time associated to any module in SugarCRM and their related activities. Including Calls, Leads, Opportunities, Projects, Cases, and any module that exists.
  • Generate Professional Looking Timesheets for Signoff in PDF Format - Export your timesheet to a professional looking timesheet template and easily email them to other people in your company from within CRM.
  • Log time with the Matrix Views- Forgot to log your hours at the end of the week? No problem, log them all from a single view.
  • A Dedicated Reporting Module - A dedicated reporting module for timesheets allows you to easily query all your timesheet submissions and export it into CSV or PDF format. Want to see timesheets only submitted by a specific user or department? This is a breeze in our reporting module. Want to see all timesheets submitted in the last week? This takes 3 clicks!
  • Setup Hourly Rates - If your hourly rates vary by resource or by user, you can set up a user profile rate for automatically billing and generating an invoice in SuiteCRM or SugarCRM.
  • Compatible with SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Community Edition - Works with both editions.
  • Notify Users Automatically - Timesheets Professional automatically notifies your SugarCRM users when they have not logged time against a project task via email and screen pops. Perfect for time reporting accuracy and compliance.