The SugarChimp SugarCRM module enables an in-depth synchronization of data between SugarCRM and MailChimp. SugarChimp will synchronize target lists bi-directionally so that users don’t have to deal with importing and exporting CSV’s between two systems. Many of the campaign metrics, email open/close information and other details are available in SugarCRM.

Global opt-Outs Opt outs are now available and configurable in the Administration section of SugarCRM. Enabling this option will ensure that the Contact/Lead/Prospect/Account is opted out of all communications.

Opt-Outs for specific Target Lists This setting will opt records out of specific target lists instead of opting them out globally. This is great when you want to allow the target to choose which communications to opt out of.

Massively Scalable The module has been rebuilt to use a queue architecture and to process based off of the SugarCRM scheduler. This means that you can synchronize high quantities of data with no timeouts. Synchronizations can also be scheduled to happen in off hours.

MailChimp Campaign Module A new campaign module has been added that is specific to MailChimp. This makes campaign creation quicker and easier to use.
Campaign metrics and related data are now logged in SugarCRM so that users can see Opens, Bounces and other email metrics. The email is also linked to the target for better tracking of what was sent.

Email Text The email text used in a campaign will be replicated to SugarCRM.
Invalid Email Flagging – Hard bounces will automatically set the Invalid email checkbox in SugarCRM.

Plans and Pricing

Price: $440/yr