When businesses engage with current and potential customers through marketing, there are tons of metrics that result from these interactions. These metrics come in the form of likes, follows, shares, retweets, up votes, video and blog comments, link clicks, and on and on… However, anyone that has attempted to sift through all of this information to gain coherent insight knows that this can be a messy process. This is where marketing analytics tools can provide major help. With the right application, businesses can take most of the data they collect and make sense of it, turning loose metrics into actionable intelligence. So, without further ado, here are three marketing analytics tools your business can use to enhance its marketing efforts:   hootsuite_logo_detail Hootsuite: Most businesses either know of, or use Hootsuite as a way to schedule posts to various social media accounts; however, this web application has an analytics function that creates reports for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Hootsuite-Analytics With this feature, users can track items like follower growth, link clicks, and other key social media metrics. The reports generated with Hootsuite’s analytics tool can also be exported in PDF and CSV formats so marketers can access their reports at their convenience. Follower-Growth-Hootsuite1     Google-Analytics-Logo Page Analytics (by Google) Chrome Extension: The Page Analytics tool by Google is available for Chrome users whose website is connected to a Google Analytics account. With this chrome extension, marketers have access to many of the metrics available in Google Analytics like:
  • Unique page views
  • Average time on page
  • Real time site visitors
Google-Analytics-Stats-1024x101 One of the best features of the Page Analytics tool is the click percentage tracker which gives marketers insight into which links website visitors click, and perhaps, most importantly, which links users don’t click. Click-Percentage-Google-Analytics     Twitter-Analytics1 Twitter’s Analytics Site: If you are in need of a way to comprehend metrics from Twitter, analytics.twitter.com is your one-stop shop. There are not enough words in the English language – or any other language for that matter – to describe how useful this site is in determining key factors like:
  • Which tweets garner the most interest
  • When is the best time to send a tweet
  • Which hashtags are most affective
Twitter-Analytics-Graphs Along with allowing marketers to gain tremendous insight into their Twitter activity, there are also functions that track followers, profile visits, link clicks and so much more. Twitter-Analytics-Data