The FayeBSG SugarCRM QuickBooks integration is the most comprehensive and feature rich SugarCRM QuickBooks integration on the market. This integration simplifies your accounting and customer relationship management needs by integrating the two software packages. Organizations can use both applications together without missing out on features critical to streamlining operations all while minimizing double work. Some of the high level features include synchronizing customers, inventory items, invoice history, and sales orders between the two platforms – and it is all done automatically while you work.


  • Two Way Sync between Sugar and QuickBooks
  • Syncs customers, inventory, invoice history, and sales orders
  • Enter quotes & sales orders into Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Post invoices in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar (with line items)
  • Add new accounts in Sugar and have them appear in QuickBooks
  • Update customer addresses in QuickBooks and have them appear in Sugar
  • Be able to see inventory items, standard prices and costs, and quantity on hand in Sugar
  • Syncing can occur on a scheduler and defaults to every 10 minutes
  • Custom mapping of custom fields
  • Works with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise
  • Works with Sugar hosted in the cloud or Sugar on an in-house server
  • Easy to install, easy to use

See the extensive Feature Matrix for yourself. You won't find a more comprehensive list than this one.


Installations can be a tricky, tedious, time consuming, pain-in-the-you-know-what thing.

This is why we'll do it for you. This way you can focus on what matters most; streamlining your business.

Accounting integrations like this QuickBooks integration are extremely complex. We make it easy. Because of our extensive expertise of working with many businesses just like yours, we will be able to help you configure it exactly for your unique needs so that you can get the most of both QuickBooks and SugarCRM. For a one-time fee we will do the installation and configuration for you and provide you the training that you need.

To learn more about our installation and implementation services contact us at 818-280-4820 or leave us a message.

What else is included?

Purchase of the SugarCRM QuickBooks Integration includes:

  • Software for the integration available after starting your trial
  • Detailed installation and operating guide
  • Support via the SugarOutfitters portal, phone (818-280-4820), or email
  • All upgrades including new feature releases and support for new SugarCRM and QuickBooks releases

Plans and Pricing

Please note: Pricing includes the cost of implementation by Faye Business Systems Group. Companies with large Quickbooks databases may require additional implementation costs. Please reach out to us to see if your database applies.