Viabl is a relationship automation enhancement that assists teams in building better relationships with their customers. By helping business stay in more constant monitored contact, sales execs and account managers can increase the revenue per customer, maintain long lasting relationships and decrease churn.


Main Features and Benefits:

Relationship Notifications:


Viabl utilizes your CRM data to tell you when it's time to reach out to your customers and contacts with suggested actions. Viabl streamlines the sales and account management process by enabling a proactive approach to relationship management.

One Click Activities:


Out of the box, it takes more than 20 clicks and keystrokes to log a voicemail in SugarCRM. Reduce that number by 94% with Viabl. Viabl's one-click Disposition Buttons make data entry more efficient and improves end user adoption. Streamline contact related activities like call logging and sending email with Viabl.

Customizable Contact Frequency:


Viabl's Green, Yellow, and Red Contact Frequency Indicators keep you up to date on the contact status of accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.

Plans and Pricing

For more information or questions please contact:

Mike Ge
Director of Channel Management
Phone: 727.412.0067